Our Number 1 Focus Is To Provide Results

A client of mine is a retailer who had just closed his second shop when I met him in 2009..  He said he could only manage about 10 people in one shop.

Today he has 20 shops and 250 employed. He has awards for business excellence along the way.

Another client is a B-2-B wholesaler who has quadrupled his turnover and massively increased his profits and cash since I started working with them in 2008.

Both of these started their growth during a period when everyone in their industry sectors (and elsewhere) thought there was a recession on....

“Having an external person with experience and with knowledge can help have that other voice that you need coming from outside that business you’re in. 

The biggest benefits we’d see would be the importance of the structure of the business and having the right people in the right positions, and how that give you more time to yourself to focus on maybe the growing of the business.”

“I Would definitely recommend Kevin, no matter the size of the business.”

Owners, Daly Industrial Supply Co. Ltd

“We met Kevin at a seminar he was running for AIB business clients. Kevin’s ActionCoach business coaching helped us to substantially increase our sales, profits and asset management so that our cash reserves increased by €220,000 in a 7 month period.

We would recommend Kevin’s coaching to other business owners.”  

Ken Matson & Neville Sweetname

Owners, 2020 Window & Glazing Systems

“We launched Skechers in 2010 and Kevin helped us develop our basic KPIs which were the foundation of our daily tracking system. Working with Kevin, we developed systems for managing our team and we developed a growth strategy. We identified the Key Performance Indicators that would allow us to manage a larger team as we pursued ambitious growth strategies.

Our initial stages of growth required a series of careful funding and cash management strategies, which Kevin helped me to develop and implement. We are currently opening our 17th store – funded entirely from cash flow – and we have a team of approx 250.

We have strong systems and excellent general management in place to manage our team, which gives me the time to strategically plan our next expansion.

In the time I have been working with Kevin our business has grown rapidly , in 2013 we won the Skechers World franchise of the year award.” Paul Gallagher

Owners, Skechers