An interview with Kevin O'Keeffe

What did you do before you were a coach?

I trained as a chartered accountant in Cork. After qualifying, I went into a sales role in The Industrial Credit Corporation Ltd or ICC. ICC supplied finance to SME's in Ireland.

I moved to the Citibank joint venture - Saudi American Bank - in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia to set up a project finance and corporate advisory unit. I advised local businesses and American, Far Eastern and European businesses, all the time selling bank products to these businesses.

I worked with Schroders and Barclays Capital in London covering North Africa, The Gulf up as far as Iran, advising and selling to American, Far Eastern and European businesses


Why did you become an ActionCOACH?

I was a single dad with 3 children. I needed to be based back in Cork. I searched around for a business that would allow me the balance to raise my children and earn a good living.

I choose ActionCOACH after reviewing a number of opportunities. I liked the systems ActionCOACH had for helping SME's. I was also impressed with the Action coaches I spoke to before making my final decision.

3 most important things in a successful business?

Top 5 Business Books?

1.  Inspiring Vision, Mission and Culture

2. A fully engaged team with positive mindsets and who are open to change.

3. Great systems that are run by a great team to deliver an excellent customer experience every time.

1. Questions are the Answers by Alan Pease

2. Snowball by Warren Buffet

3. Good to Great by Jim Collins

4. Start with Why by Simon Sinek

5. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Why should a business work with you?

I work with business owners and their teams who want to grow and are open to change.

Every business owner and their teams are experts in their business as it exists when I meet them. I (as a result of studying and working the ActionCOACH systems) am very good at taking their business from where they are at to where they want to go.

This is usually to earn more money and have more time for themselves.

Why attend events?

My objective is to ensure each attendee will leave my events with at least 3 strategies or actions that they can turn into cash in their business.

My events encourage questions from the participants. Through interaction, participants will discover new potential for their business.