In response to the rapidly developing health crisis ActionCOACH Ireland has developed several resources to support you and your business as our valued client..

Gathering relevant facts and information in a time of crisis is critical to any preparedness plan. In times of uncertainty, clarity, facts and calm is your best offense…


Our global CEO, Brad Sugars, ran a webinar yesterday covering the 11 steps your business should consider implementing to counteract the economic impact of the Coronavirus on your business. There are some really good takeaways in this and I would encourage you to watch the recording in full. It can be viewed here:

Note: the slides start 7 minutes into the video.

Please feel free to share it with all of your clients, customers, suppliers, friends and colleagues.


ActionCOACH® has created two business tools to help you develop a comprehensive crisis plan and a communication plan for your business. Download the crisis management resources below

  1. Crisis Communication Tip Sheet >
  2. A Pandemic Business Checklist >


We have prepared a ‘draft policy’ on dealing with the Coronavirus in the workplace. Please adapt as you require for your business should you need to. Download this document below

  1. Draft – Policy on dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Workplace >

While we are facing into an unprecedented public health crisis the most important thing for you is to look after yourself, your team and your families. Stay positive and have a plan for your business.

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