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It can be up 6 times more expensive to sell to a new customer than to sell to your existing customers.
The most successful small businesses are in business to acquire raving fans!
Raving fans will consistently buy from you and sell your business to pretty much anyone that will listen.
10 Steps to acquiring raving fans:
  1. Generate a culture of delivering your product and/or service with consistent excellence. Build the foundation of your sales system on in depth customer feedback.
  2. Have a system in place to correct any errors that occur with your sales. 
  3. Position with all of your customers that you want them to become raving fans (and how that will benefit your customers)
  4.  Have a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database all of your customers
  5. Stay in regular contact with your customers in ways that are of benefit to your customers. Loyalty cards are a very useful tool here.
  6. Carry out regular surveys of your customers to understand what is important to them now and what is likely to be important to them going forward.
  7. Maintain a database of all of your referral givers and stay in regular contact with them.
  8. Educate your customers on how to refer you.
  9. Measure how many referrals you are getting per month and thank your referral givers for each referral. Trends over time are important here.
  10. Measure what your conversion rate is from referred leads. Again measure trends.
If you want to learn more about acquiring raving fans contact me on 021 4545030 or kevinokeeffe@actioncoach.com

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For a no obligation conversation about getting your business to the next level. Contact Kevin Today.


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