Following up on last week’s talk on maintaining a positive mindset – What are the practical approaches to having a powerful positive mindset?
Draw a simple point at the centre of a screen or piece of paper
From this point draw 3 lines up ward from the point – one straight up and 2 at 45 degree angles, left and right.
  1. On top of the first line on the left write Ownership
  2. On top of the next line write Accountability and
  3. On top of the last line write Responsibility
From the point draw 3 similar lines downwards
  1. At the bottom of the 1st line on the left write Blame
  2. At the bottom of the 2nd line write Excuses
  3. At the bottom of the 3rd line write Denial
An easy way to remember above the Point of Power is the acronym OAR
  1. Take Ownership for all of your actions and commitments
  2. Hold yourself Accountable for all of your actions, promises and commitments
  3. You are Responsible for where you are at with your business and your life – no one else
Winners take this approach to everything they do in business and life
Below the Point of Power people are lying in BED
  1. Blame everyone else except yourself for what happens to you.
  2. Make Excuses for your lack of positive actions and for your lack of achievement
  3. Be in Denial about what is happening around you.
This approach to life and business is where the victims of this world live.
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