Positive Mindset and your Business
What is positive mindset and why does it have such a major influence on whether your business grows and prospers or fails?
We have all heard of positive mindset. The challenge is to understand it and how it impacts on your business
Mindset – positive or otherwise is a vast area and it affects virtually every aspect of your business.
We are all familiar with the businesses that grow profitably under one generation only to fail with the next or subsequent generations.
Intuitively, we would expect the next generation to have the skills, money, business platform and customers to grow the business further. This does happen with some businesses.
The curious thing is how often that these businesses fail under the new generation.
Differing mindsets are a key factor here.
So as a very busy business owner, what are the 7 practical actions you can take to ensure your mindset is helping your business move forward.
  1. Recognize the importance of mindset.
  2. Analyse your own mindset and determine if it is helping you to grow your business – or is it holding you back
  3. Be genuinely open to change – your market and competition are changing all the time – at ever increasing rates.
  4. Be aware that we all look for evidence to support our mindset on virtually everything, including our businesses. The challenge is that we can ignore evidence that is contrary to our mindset. Keep challenging your mindset to check that it is helping your business to move forward.
  5. Read/listen to books on all aspects of your business.
  6. Be aware that your mindset will influence your team – is their mindset helping your business to move forward?
  7. Write down your vision, mission and culture of your business and constantly stress test them.
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